How to Treat Homosexuals and the Trans-gendered?

Today I am being vocal about homosexuality’s rise and what God thinks. You know, we must get our theology right before we go out the front door/into the world.

I was driving through Half Way Tree, Jamaica one day and I saw the unthinkable. I saw men running after an effeminate man with a machete. I cried because the victim was somebody’s son. I prayed that day for the man, and one night in a roadside Holy Ghost street meeting in a gay/cross-dressing stronghold, I was ‘scraping up souls for my Father’s Kingdom’ and one of those who repented was this same young man. We got him a job, food and some rent money and sent him back to life. He still follows our ministry today.

Some of these people are the kindest and most hard working folks you could meet, don’t hurt them but at the same time you must tell them that goodness is not a qualifier for a relationship with God (Ephesians 2:8). Man must change so he can please God and Jesus is the source of that change (Romans 5).

Some believe because in the Old Testament we were able to put them to death deviant men,we can now. We cannot do so.

In the Old Testament mankind could not be regenerated by the Holy Spirit or changed from within. In the New Testament Jesus Christ takes the SIN AND THE SINNER, out of the man. That’s right, not just the sin but the SINNER (see 2 Corinthians 5:17) In Old Testament what appears as genocide/ethnic cleansing was not. It had to be to stem sin’s epidemic in the land. Now man has HOPE, JESUS CHRIST IS HERE, and not just to save but to deliver you from the hordes of Hell. Deliverance is a real and long lasting solution.

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  1. Thank you for saying it for too many church people going to miss the mark because of how they treat gays and transgendered. Sigh….it is as if they are not humans when you speak to some church members….some even say things like “dem fe dead”. If that is the case then all of us should die because none of us are perfect. Thanks for the post…

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