Day 14: Recap of Previous Days

September 7, 2015

Focus: Recap of Previous Days

What can I say about the past few days? It has been an educational crash-course in consecration and being used by God.

I have seen some things about myself being revealed and I am learning how to change how certain factors affect me.


  • Honestly, writing the daily reflection is a challenge as some days I don’t feel like doing it and one or day it has slipped my mind but I always catch up, thank God!
  • For a few days, I wonder what my focus should be but thanks be to God, they always line up to the events of the day. I need to depend more on God for the focuses.
  • Changing from my sinful pattern to a righteous one is indeed challenging. However, I will continue as Paul said and I will press towards the mark of the prize of a higher calling.
  • Dealing with the attacks, is a challenge also. When satan uses the people in my life to deliver the blows….it takes a lot of spiritual energy to resist feelings of resentment and hate. However, remember when Jesus rebuked the devil in Peter in Matthew 15? It’s as a result of this that I know that persons close to us may be used by satan and we should not hate them when this happens. We should do what Jesus did: rebuke the devil, and continue loving the individual. Easier said than done…..but it’s still possible to do.

So these challenges are now my goals.

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