Identifying Your Ministry

Many times we try to identify what we are called to do in God’s kingdom.  In order to find that out, we have prayed, fasted, sought God’s face, and even spoken to friends or church leaders who we look up to.  Yet still, we are left with the same question no one can answer…what is my calling?

My testimony: About 5 years ago or so, when I recommitted my life to God, i wanted to know what my calling was. I don’t remember how I knew this but I knew that God wasn’t ready to reveal it to me. I wondered why, and it’s simply because if I knew my calling at that time, I would have taken the wrong route to developing it. However, when God had me in a state of “blindness”, I had to trust in Him to get me prepared for my purpose.

That may be where you are now, but don’t be discouraged. My one suggestion is that you identify your ministry, your talents, and your gifts, and then you’ll be able to identify what it is that God called you to do. Find out what you are naturally drawn to, what you always complain about and say that your church should be doing it. Then do it (after speaking to the pastor, of course). In training for war, the soldiers do not know before hand who they will go to war with…they just train and learn to develop their skills in fighting, shooting, bombing, attacking, and defending.  That’s what God wants.  Initially, we won’t know our purpose but we should prepare for it until it is revealed to us.

This blog will look at working in a ministry to develop yourself, your gifts, your talents, and your passion.  The concern is, how to know which ministry to get involved in.  Therefore, we’ll first define the christian ministry (taken from and then we answer some questions that can help you to choose which ministry/ministries you wish to get involved in or start.

Question: “What is Christian ministry?”

Answer: “Ministry” is from the Greek word diakoneo, meaning “to serve” or douleuo, meaning “to serve as a slave.” In the New Testament, ministry is seen as service to God and to other people in His name. Jesus provided the pattern for Christian ministry—He came, not to receive service, but to give it (see Matthew 20:28;Mark 10:45; John 13:1-17).

The Christian should minister by meeting people’s needs with love and humility on Christ’s behalf (seeMatthew 20:26; Mark 10:43; John 2:5,9; Acts 6:3; Romans 1:1; Galatians 1:10; Colossians 4:12). Christians are to minister to others out of their devotion to Christ and their love for others, whether the other people are believers or unbelievers. Ministry to others should be impartial and unconditional, always seeking to help others as Jesus would (

Questions to help you identify your ministry:

  • What is/are your ministry/ministries?
  • How do I know this is my ministry?
  • Have I been walking in my ministry?
  • How has it impacted my christian walk?
  • How has it impacted others?
  • What do I do to enhance or strengthen it?
  • Do I aspire more/other ministries?
  • What are my ministry goals?
  • What are my plans to have these goals realised?
  • Is my ministry Full-time or Part-time?
  • Any other pertinent information…

Here are my answers:

What is/are your ministry/ministries?

My ministries are…………. Youth Ministry, Mentoring, Teaching, and Dancing

How do I know this is my ministry?

I know these are my ministries because all of them come naturally and flow easily when doing them.

Have I been walking in my ministry?

I have been walking in 3 out of 4
¤ I am one of 3 Youth Directors (YD)
¤ I am a mentor for Operation Youth Reap (an evangelical group) and in the Youth Department at my church
¤ I have not done any teaching in recent times. I honestly don’t have the time and I want to study the bible some more.
¤ I’m the Acting Dance Director at my church

How has it impacted my christian walk?

They have impacted my christian walk tremendously.

¤ Being a YD and mentor, I have to “DO as I say”. I can’t be a hypocrite or expect the young people to be obedient to God and His Word while I’m not. So, these ministries have motivated me to try hard to live righteously.
¤ These ministries have brought me closer to God as I have to constantly seek Him for direction, inspiration, and instruction.
¤ They have taught me how to be patient, understanding, and loving. I have learnt to live a more practical Christian life and be actively involved in my spiritual growth process.
¤ The dance ministry has taught me the true definition of worshiping God with my entire being and allowing Him to use my body for His glory

How has it impacted others?

Only others can tell how it has impacted them but I pray that my ministries have helped them to: develop spiritually, learn and understand more about God, and have a desire to live purely as best as they can.

What do I do to enhance or strengthen it?

¤ To strengthen my ministries, I first have to rely on God for direction. He will tell me what steps to take to enhance them. In doing this, I will pray and fast.
¤ Secondly, I try to always identify what’s in the best interest of the persons who my ministries reach. I try not to do random or cliché activities but something geared toward their personal and spiritual needs and also which falls in line with the mission of the ministry.
¤ Thirdly, I do a self-assessment to find out where I am strong and weak and make a plan of action of what I need to do to change.

Do I aspire more/other ministries?

Well……I do hope to mature to the women’s ministry one day. As I believe that the churches, well mine, isn’t aimed at teaching young ladies and women to be Christian women, wives, and mothers but just doing bible studies with them and teaching them to trust God but there isn’t much geared specifically to women. Yes, the bible study is good as we do learn. However, I’m of the opinion that women’s ministry should take the Titus 2: 3-5 approach.

What are my ministry goals?

Goals re Youth Department
» To get more youths to attend youth fellowship
» To help the youths to learn how to do the spiritual and “churchly” things eg teaching them how to pray and how to give exhortations, etc
» To empower each age grouping and the young men, and make them spiritually independent

Goals re Mentoring
» To help my mentees build and maintain a desire to be a child of the King
» To assist them with issues\concerns in any area of their lives
» To bring them to a state of maturity where they can become mentors themselves
» To do my best and love them all

Goal re Teaching
» To start a Teen’s Class at church that is held during the preaching of the message because I remember my teenage years in church and I observe the teens nowadays, their minds are anywhere but on what is being preached. So this class would be where they receive the message for the day in a teen friendly manner.

Goal re Dancing
» To start a children’s dance group
» To help the dance ministry evolve from “entertainment” to “ministry” level in the eyes of the congregation

What are my plans to have these goals realised?

Plans re Youth Department goals
» I will need to advertise the youth fellowship so I’m praying about how to market it to the youths
» Develop activities that will teach them how to do the spiritual and “churchly” things
» Give each grouping the opportunity to fully conduct a youth sunday service with little to no assistance from the ‘usual’ persons

Plans re Mentoring goals
» Try my best to do a weekly check up and ensure they are on track
» Be available to listen to them as much as is possible, and make suggestions or give encouragement where needed so as to assist them with their issues\concerns i
» At certain points, I will guide them in figuring out solutions to problems for themselves with pointers here and there but the main aim is to get them to identify for themselves what needs to be done and this I believe will bring them to a state of maturity where they can become mentors themselves
» Plans to do my best and love them all will include being there for them, being a friend, loving them through their stubbornness and rebellious phases

Plan re Teaching goal
» I need to pray some more and speak to my pastor about starting a Teen’s Class at church

Plans re Dancing goals
» To speak to my pastor and a few parents and children, schedule my time and arrange practices to start a children’s dance group
» Push for more prayer and fasting to be done by the dance ministry members to help the dance ministry evolve from “entertainment” to “ministry” level in the eyes of the congregation

Is my ministry Full-time or Part-time?

> Being a YD, a Teacher, and a Dancer are part-time ministries
> Being a Mentor is a full-time ministry as these young ladies contact me 24/7

Any other pertinent information…

Yes, I enjoy and love these ministries as I get to share my experiences with persons who can learn from them and avoid doing what I did. In addition, I get to learn how to remain in touch with my inner child as I remember I was once their age and so I learn to be more humble and not act like they should be perfect so young when I wasn’t.

And if these young people haven’t taught me anything, they have and will continue to teach me how to be a wonderful, “perfect,” (understanding) mother to the children I will give birth to.

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