I would like to thank God for working & being ever present in my life, even when I didn’t realize it, He was there. For a very long time I thought I was all alone in this world, I can remember it starting at the age of 19, when a friend of mine introduced me to the world of drag & making money on 79th St., this would continue for 10 yrs of my life. 79th St. is a famous main road for prostitution and drugs in Miami Florida. This is my story…

Shawn of One God United, met up with David and asked him to tell us his story without holding back.

SHAWN: So tell me a little more about your past life, I’d prefer not hearing about the glitters on the surface but real in-depth information about what happened.

DAVID: I’ll tell you, people can see me the way they want but God has changed me and is still at work with me. I hope my testimony can help someone else change.

I use to be a gay prostitute working the streets at night, getting paid and taking drugs. I started prostituting while I was living with a guy who was in the life and tried to get me in, I refused many times but when I lost my job at a fast food restaurant and needed money, I chose to get in the life of selling myself. I was the new “chick” on the block so a lot of the men was coming to me for sex, it’s like being the new fresh chick in a strip club. What I was making in two weeks working in fast food, I would make in one night of prostituting, drugs was also a way of life.  I remember one night I was almost raped by another male who came to the back of a house where I was having sex with another man, the guy came back there and saw us, then the guy I was having sex with took off. This guy grabbed my hand and told me to perform oral sex on him and that he was going to have sex with me. He took out a condom while I was performing oral sex on him, during that time I planned a way to escape. He didn’t want to let go of my hand so I told him to put the condom on himself, while he was putting it on I got up and ran. I was so lost & so deep in it that I couldn’t see my way out & I thought this would be my destiny for the rest of my life. The drugs I use to be on was crystal meth, I remembered being overdose about 3 times; One time I called 911 on myself thinking I was going to die.

SHAWN: You called 911 on yourself?

DAVID: Yes, I really thought I was going to die, when the cops came, I told them I was just going through some stuff. Another time I was so high I went in the bathroom because I didn’t want my auntie to see me like the way I became being high. I went into the bathroom and while on the floor saw a static-like thing behind the shower curtain, almost like a person in silhouette,  when I reach and grab the curtain, a shock went through my body, during that moment I plead to God to take me out of this sin because I hated it and to not let me die, I suddenly went blind for a moment… my auntie who is a minister came and held my arm and started praying, then everything went away. God has saved me so many times…  it was a battle within I wanted to give it up & walk away time after time but I just didn’t know how to, and then God showed up again by way of my friend Angel who didn’t judge me & who loved me enough to take me in and started taking me to church and although at times I would continue to sneak out of the house when everyone was sleeping to go back to the only life I had known for 10 long years, God NEVER gave up on me, and for that I am forever thankful, now I can proudly say that as of December 2014 He has completely delivered me, I have not been on 79th Street and prostituting in  seven months, I have also been clean.  Although it may not seem long to some of you, for me it is a great milestone for me.

SHAWN: What would you tell others that are going through similar struggles?

DAVID: I know that if He can bring me out after 10 years, he can surely bring you through whatever it is you may be struggling with. Be strong, keep the faith & NEVER give up on Him because he will NEVER give up on you… God is still perfecting me day by day, to Him be the Glory!

SHAWN: Are you looking to get married to a woman in the future and have kids?

DAVID: I am very open to it, my friend use to tell me that I’m going to have a wife and kids someday, I didn’t take her serious… now here I am, open to it. Whatever God has for me, if it’s in His will then I’m game!

SHAWN: We should do a video so you can tell it all-all, things that we won’t be able to add in the testimonial. A video in which you tell the stories of the extended version of your past life like the sex parties you use to be a part of and more…

DAVID: I’m down for that, I just want people to change their lives too. I am now ministering to my blood sister who is a stripper, would love for her to change.

SHAWN: Wow!! We thank God for you man, may God bless you tremendously!!!

DAVID: Thank you!!!


Retrieved from: One God United

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  1. selflessimage says:

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    1. selflessimage says:

      Now this is real real yo. I think he could’ve gone further but the essence of it is clear. I do hope he gets solid and constant accountability. That’s what I’m struggling with right now so that I’ll not only have it but that it will be maintained in Jesus Name.

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