I Was a Lesbian … BUT God

A touching testimony

From that evening on I became a different person.

In about 2013, I was attracted to females, but was afraid to approach any. One day, at school, a friend approach me asking, “Could you sent me some credit please?”

I asked her for her number and that’s how it all started. We began to text often and started to know more about each other then she began to ask me some strange questions, like: do you like females? and have you ever been in to a relationship with a female? The answer I gave her was “no”. Because, as I said earlier, I was afraid to approach a female. Anyway, I asked her the same questions and I received the same response. From that time we began to date, till I was no more afraid to approach any female, and because of that I was with four female and still was seeking to find more.

One afternoon my friends and I decided to chill after school till we were ready to go home. We where talking and laughing, and enjoying ourselves. Suddenly, a man appeared asking us if any one of us lost a chain. So one of my friends answered saying no. Then he goes on to ask her if she liked men or women, she said, “both” with a loud laugh afterward. Instantly he slapped her right in the face, she and the others immediately ran without looking back, leaving me and my girlfriend behind. The man held one of my hands and said, “penis is what you should get.” My girlfriend was pleading to the man to let me go, but instead he pulled out a gun, putting it towards my head, my girlfriend started to cry and beg, ” please sir, don’t kill her.”

While he was holding my hand I was speaking to God in my head, asking Him to save us. At the same time, God gave me strength to sit the man down and talk to him. Without finishing my conversation with him, he immediately let me go and said to us, “run!!”

From that evening on I became a different person.

I can say now, that I am transformed into a child of the most high God, well blessed, am free, my spirit is renewed and God found favor in me.
Glory to God

Word of encouragement
No matter what the situation is God can come through for you, he loves and cares for you. Its not by might nor by power but it’s by the spirit of God.

I hope this testimony will change your life!

By: Anonymous (This young lady read my testimony, The Truth About Me, and was motivated to share hers, but desired to remain unnamed).

“Each one, reach one”

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