Watch “Tests vs Examinations” on YouTube

At times God tests our willingness to be obedient to him.  He tries us to see if we will do as he has commanded.  I must admit, I have failed my most recent test because I never realised it as being test. So when Jehovah told me to pray for my future husband, I started but stopped after a week because I thought it was pointless. 

I didn’t realise that it was a test. Do you realise that you are being tested by Jehovah? If we realise what Jehovah is doing in our lives, we’ll learn to understand his plans for us. But after all the tests, there will be an examination. If we learn from the tests, we will pass the exam. However, if we fail the tests, it’s not a surety that we’ll pass the exam because we’ll only prove to Jehovah that we cannot be trusted to do as he has requested. 
Watch the video for a biblical example based on Exodus 16 and 19. 

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