Conversations with Daddy (CWD) – Day 7 of 7

My prayer: Daddy, I’ve been avoiding this topic from the week started. Friendship. I know your expectations as it relates to the friends you’ve placed in my life. I know you want me to “show up and show off” for them. Honestly though, it’s hard right now. I know I’m being disobedient. Hence why I refused to speak with you about this topic. I just don’t want to hear the instruction again.

I don’t get how you can expect me to give my all at a time when I feel like I have nothing to give. I don’t feel like talking with my friends, whether its a jovial or serious convo; and I feel happy seeing that they don’t make much effort than the normal to talk to me.

How can you want me to be an Aaron to their Moses when I feel like a Naomi in the first part of the story? I just want to sort out my own confusing thoughts and emotions first.

I do see the efforts of a few. And I’m greatly appreciative of them. But I chose not to reciprocate as enthusiastically because all I want to do is run away to a place where no one knows me for a few days. Again, I know I’m being disobedient and I know you have been patient with me so here I am, listening to you.

I believe Daddy has the following to say to me: It’s not in dealing with your own mess that you find a relief. As a friend told you the yesterday, it is in the midst of helping others that you find joy during your struggles because then you’ll see that others have it worse than you. My little girl, it’s in being the Aaron to their Moses that you’ll see that Naomi’s hardships were nothing compared to what Moses experienced. They need your friendship more than you need your solitude. Be the one who stands with them through thick and thin, and then you’ll find the happiness you’ve been requesting.

My prayer: What if it’s not possible to pick up from where I left off? Suppose they decline my attempt of rebuilding?

I believe this is Daddy’s response: That’s their choice if they want to be stubborn as you were. But have faith. Remember that you learnt today that when Aaron did the wrong thing, by building the golden calf for the people to worship, Moses begged me to forgive him because he was his brother and he never cast him aside. In the results that will take place, you’ll learn a lesson in it all. If you were truly loved as a friend, then you’ll see the fruits thereof and better understand the depth of love. If not, it is what it is. You just focus on being obedient to me and I’ll work on the rest.

Dear reader: Thank you for joining me on this 7 days of intentional communication with God (Daddy, as I call him). If you wish you join me on another one, I would be honoured and even willing to feature your conversations on my blog, Purposeful Inspiration. Make a comment and share your feedback, how did you find the 7 Days CWD? Would you be willing to do it on your own or along with me as a CWD journalling challenge?

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