How to handle singleness as a young adult (Part 3)

Let’s recap Part 2, the state of singleness is the perfect time to 1. Heal and be complete, 2. Learn about ourselves, and 3. Walk in our purposes.

Striving to walk in purpose is the reason I wake up every-day knowing I have a long list of things to do:

Write blogs
Record videos
Plan youth and young adult services at church
Encourage a few people
Do my secular work
Complete my secretarial duties…..

And when I’m focused on blogging and vlogging, I forget about everything else. Including my desire to be married.

4. Properly deal with sadness.

Do I get lonely? Not often, honestly.

Do I feel sad at times? Yep! Til mi all bawl.

We all will reach a low point when we wonder what’s going on and why nothing seems to be progressing where r/ships are concerned.

What do I do at that time?

A. Cry if I must
B. Reassure myself that nothing is wrong with me and that I am worthy of being married because I’m a child of God. Some times we degrade ourselves at this point but let us not practice that anymore.
C. Talk it over with God

5. Celebrate with others.

My final point is that on this single journey, we aren’t truly happy if we can’t celebrate with those who are getting engaged, married, and having children.

If we’re complete, know ourselves, are walking in our purpose, and properly deal with our sadness, then that will mean we can truly celebrate with our friends when they move to the next stage. I get happy when my friends get engaged and I do my best to support them during their planning of the wedding and on the day.

I never entertain the thought of “what about me” when my friends announce their engagement. It’s not about me at that point, it’s about them and rejoicing with them.

If you can’t do this from your heart without thinking about yourself then you’re not handling singleness well at all.

An example, a co-worker got married a few months ago. When I found out, I was over the moon with joy. I felt so happy for her and I stopped to pray for her and bless her new union.

That is how we all should try to handle singleness. By literally rejoicing with others, even if they aren’t close friends.

I close with this reminder: singleness is a gift that enables us to DO WHAT WE WANT, WHEN WE WANT, AND HOW WE WANT. It’s the absolutely perfect time to work on ourselves to heal and become whole, to understand who we are, to serve God without pausing, and to celebrate with others.

If we can’t be happy when we’re single, it’s going to be challenging to be happy when we’re married. Happiness is a state of mind, not a r/ship status.

If you’re single, be happy! 💃💃

Prayer: Daddy, help all of us single people to get this part of our lives right. Teach us to dedicate this time to do your will and mature as individuals. Help those who currently feel as if they’ll be single forever and never experience the joy of marriage. Be our guide and our friend. Help us to change where we need to and celebrate with others. Amen.

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