My first compliment for 2019 was 💥💥

My first compliment for 2019 was 💥 💥 💥!

I got dressed in, what I think is, my simplest outfit (see image below) and added a scarf to the ensemble. I had donned my shades as I had to go on the road to buy something.

Simple look
Simple look

So I’m walking to my destination…  No compliments whatsoever came my way. I hadn’t even noticed.  I bent the final corner and crossed the final street. Destination 20 steps away.  That’s when it started….

He said, “Wow.  You look lovely.”

I smiled, said thanks, and kept walking. He passed but kept talking…

“Wow, … your confidence.” Pointing from my hair down to my feet, he continued, “That’s working for you. You look really good, with that fancy scarf”.  By this time I stopped and turned because, well, this girl likes compliments and I’m not picky about where they come from (not ashamed as I go days without hearing a word at times). Continuing…

So I smiled again and thanked him.  He kept going, “wow, such white teeth! You look good, everything about you.  Those shades”.  I replied, “Want to see the eyes?”

He said, “now I’m intrigued.  Show me the eyes”.

I watch way too much TV so just visualise this move.  I bent my head down a little to remove the shades with my right hand.  Closed my eyes until I held my head high again and then bam! OPENED MY EYES slowly (cray cray but fun).  He stepped back and was like, “wow!”.

At the part where I’m walking away now… He looked back and said, “you’re doing something right”.

So this girl did her business, made her purchase and stepped out onto the street, smiling.  Rocking my shades.  And then I saw compliment guy again.  Same spot.  We passed by each other. He stopped and said…

“You made my day and are the highlight to my year so far, thank you.”  I smiled and said you’re welcome.  We continued walking away and he said, “I’m going to look at you walking away…. Still looking”. I laughed, held my head up, and crossed the street.  This had me smiling all the way back to the office.

Moral of the story? Lighten up, take a compliment, and simply enjoy the moment.  

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