180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 13

It’s surprising how often I keep asking myself, “What am I going to boast about today?” And then I start skipping through the pages of my mind, attempting to find something ‘suitable’. But why? When God has been so good.

Today alone, I saw God helping a young man who was hit off his bicycle, by a car. I saw men coming from all directions, rushing to assist him. Total strangers offered to transport him to the hospital for treatment.

And as I write this blog, I think about how God will ALWAYS place the right people in your life to help you along. Even if it’s for a minute, some stranger will step in to help you.

This reminds me of when I was attending university. My father had died a few months after I started. My mom became the sole provider for three children attending universities. But God placed persons in my life to lighten the burden: an associate pastor provided employment for me on campus, a church sister who financially assisted to ofset my rent, many other church family and my pastor who gave monetary and other contributions, students who heard my testimony of God’s provision who gave what they could….and the list goes on.

God will place the right persons in your life, even strangers, to help you along. God is strategic.

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