180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 29

When he is through with me, I shall come forth as pure gold 💃💃 Part 2

Recap from Day 28: 2017-2019 were spiritually challenging years. I had relationship issues in 2017, and work related matters in 2018. So, after being accused of being an incompetent acting supervisor but not believing it…

I attempted to start university in September 2018… At this time, I was scandalised before my coworkers; comments were passed about how the university could accept someone like me and how individuals in my future career pathway didn’t know what they were doing. I was accused of doing nothing but school work and external work to the detriment of the internal tasks. Yet in all this, I had never read class related materials at work during that time.

Naturally, I was stressed and I could not study or focus properly. What occured did not feel normal. It felt like a spiritual attack that chiseled away at my soul and drained my spiritual energy. By then, my prayer life and bible study had dwindled to next to nothing.

How did I manage this? You see, in a conversation I had with Daddy in 2016/early 2017, he told me that he would bring me through a process, one similar to the process of refining gold.

In 2018, he reminded me that this was a process of refining and it was his doing. He showed me that I do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness, and spiritual wickedness (Eph 6:12). He told me to recognise who was truly my enemy. It wasn’t easy but I really tried.

When he is through with me… I will tell you that now I can see vast differences in my character and my behaviour. I no longer react the same way to challenges, which was to give up and doubt what God was doing. I am more ready to try again and trust that all things will work together for my good. It is easier for me to see the innocence of persons and not care if actions were genuine or hypocritical, as people are not my enemies. Flesh and blood are not the ones I need to pray about when being challenged.

Funny enough, today I was wondering if I should speak so frankly about what happened at work. I wondered if my coworkers would read it and take it back to the person. But read this 👉 tonight, after I left class, I chatted with a beautiful soul I barely spoke with before. She shared about the struggles she faced at work. When I shared what I went through, her response was that she felt encouraged! She was better able to see what was happening with her but felt encouraged to know that we both shared similar experiences but we were going to make it. She said, “I believe God organised this so that we could speak”.

God. He will use situations to get us into shape and purge the attitudes he doesn’t want us to have. And then, he’ll use us to share our circumstances with others for their benefit, to motivate and strengthen them on their journey. What a God!

By all means, I still have things to work on… But I know that WHEN HE IS THROUGH WITH ME, I SHALL COME FORTH AS PURE GOLD💃💃

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  1. When God gives you an assignment, do it! Because it can be used to bless others you did not even know it could… I say this, to say, never you be afraid of doing what you are to (don’t know why I’m saying this when I’m stuck in the same position at times)…. But hey even the person who you are afraid of seeing this can be blessed without you knowing…. So keep on doing what you are doing! I love you!

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    1. Klasik Krys says:

      Aawwww. You warmed my heart and encouraged me. Thank you, Rich. I love you too.

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