180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 91

Some times we have too much “faith” in God to move mountains. That should be our focus. Our focus should be, “God can move this mountain. And even if he doesn’t, I’ll still serve him”.

Our focus should be, “God, I will be obedient to you. But if I don’t live to see your promises for me fulfilled, I’ll still serve you”.

Too often we turn our backs on God because he doesn’t deliver or heal. We question faith because we have it but nothing happens.

Abraham only got part of his promise 👉🏼 he lived in the promised land. But he never lived to see his seed multiply like the sand and the stars.

Jesus died a horrible death (though he lives again, it doesn’t change the nature of his death). Most of the disciples were murdered: boiled in oil, stretched until he burst in half, crucified upside down! Yet they believed.

And we out here want to die peacefully in our sleep (a good desire, yes) BUT if that doesn’t happen, we say God is not good and question his existence.

Whatever happens, answer this, “God is able to heal, turn the world upside down, vanquish corona…But if he doesn’t do all if that, will you still serve him?”

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