180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 93

God speaks through dreams….

The other morning, just before waking, I dreamt that I was at my grandmother’s house. She was lying down on the floor, resting. While I stood beside her, I began thinking about the popular statement people normally make. The statement goes, “thank God for waking me up this morning.” I always found this statement weird because it’s not like we die while we rest and then God blows breath back into us so that we can wake up. And it’s like my grandma heard my thoughts. She turned to me and said, “it’s not that God wakes us up, it’s just that he doesn’t take our breath away”.

So today I’m thankful for, and boast about, the God who controls the very air we breathe. As each second passes and we’re alive, he continually grants us the blessing of life by not taking our breath away.

I’m still breathing.

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