180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 94

Another day of listening to that still small voice, and again it was the right choice.

I woke up and went to my dining table – my new work area and class/study room – at 9:00am. I began preparing for 2 upcoming tutorials as I waited for an online work meeting to begin at 10am. After the meeting concluded, and I finished and submitted my other work task for the day, I decided resumed my prep for class. By this time, it was around 2:00pm. As I read, I felt tired and contemplated resting or pushing ahead so that I could finish one course and start the other.

I decided to go to bed, lie down and nap, until about 4:30pm to get myself ready for the 5pm class. At the appointed time, I woke up and grabbed my phone to find the link sent by the tutor. Instead of a link, I saw an apology for his absence and a notice that he’d resume lessons next week.

I shock my head and said, “after all the time I spent trying to prepare for this class?” Then I stopped and thanked God. I was able to get some well needed rest. God knew that the class would be cancelled. I am grateful for the additional hour to prepare for the 6pm class. I am grateful for the additional time to continue preparing for that topic.

Be obedient to his prompts.

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