180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 167

Did I ever tell you about my job history? Part 1

I did my finals in May 2015. They were complete by mid-May actually.

Based on the unemployment trend, I was prepared to stay home for many months. So, I made a plan to spend time in prayer and reading the word while I was home. I would read the bible and pray daily since I was home alone.

I stayed home, unemployed, for ONLY two weeks. During those two weeks, I applied to any position for which I was reasonably qualified. By 1 June 2015, I was working on a one month contract to develop a policy for the digitisation of records.

By July 2015, I had two back-to-back interviews. And I told Daddy that he should let the company he wants me to work with be the one to call me first. Well, company 1 called me and offered my the job. Minutes later, company 2 called saying they tried to call me earlier but didn’t get through. They wanted me but for a different position.

Then I started to second guess the first sign and told Daddy that I’d prefer to go with the job that pays more. Well, I found out that company 1, who called first, paid more.

Morale of the story: if you’re unemployed, use most of the time to fast, pray, and read your bible rather than getting depressed because you’re not working. God rewards those who seek his kingdom and righteousness first.