180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 168

Did I ever tell you about my job history? Part 2 (Read Part 1 here)

So, I started working at company 1. I worked as an Assistant Registrar. So I learnt about records management. This is a related but different field from library and information studies, that I pursued at university.

Six months later, I got called for an interview. This interview was for a post for which I didn’t remember applying. 🤐 But I got the job description and I went.

Turns out, the post was a records management post! 😃

My work experience at company 1 helped me to answer most of the questions. AND I was successful and started working there six and a half months after engaging with company 1.

Morale of the story: allow Daddy to tell you what to do. His plans act as a stepping stone to your next level. If I hadn’t gone to company 1, I wouldn’t have know how to answer appropriately for the interview which was scheduled for six months later.

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