180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 170

Today, I realised why.

Let me connect the dots. Last year, Daddy told me that I won’t get the type of guy I want, but I’d get the one I need. I wasn’t too happy with that because I like a specific type. 😏

Then, Daddy asked me if I wanted a specific guy I was crushing on. I remembered how the Israelites wanted fish in the wilderness and nearly died when they got it. So, I told him that in all honesty, I did want the guy but I’d prefer his choice for me. 😨I was not trying to have a miserable life.

Today, I realised that the guy I had a crush on is now living overseas and is preparing to get married to a lady in that country…. while his present girlfriend remains in my country.

I see that I’d be the girl with an overseas boyfriend who has plans to get married to someone else, if I had said yes to Daddy’s question.

Morale: if God says no, work with it. He sees the end from the beginning.


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