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Day 16 of 16: The End

September 9, 2015

Focus: Leave It to God

Sixteen trying but very rewarding days have passed! My conclusion is this….LEAVE IT ALL TO GOD.  I must admit that I am a bit disappointed in myself because of how I did things and for giving up other things but I am now more experienced than before.

I have learnt many things:

  1. I have learnt that the enemy increases his attacks on us when we try to build our relationship with God
  2. I have learnt to “expect anything from anyone”
  3. Furthermore, I now understand more about my limits and have gained more determination
  4. I have learnt that some fellow Christians will not help you towards your goal of living a consecrated life
  5. I now trust the leading of God more and will turn over each problem for Him to resolve for me
  6. All the other lessons are in my previous blogs

I am now looking to grow more, be closer to God, and to do His will, those my only spiritual responsibilities. All others, I leave to God and will allow Him to lead and instruct me in the way forward. I am not perfect and I made, and will make, many mistakes but I will press towards the mark of a higher calling in Christ Jesus.

1 Peter 5: 7 “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

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Day 15: Have Thine Own Way

September 8, 2015

Focus: Have Thine Own Way

Song: Have thine own way, Lord. Have thine own way.
Thou art the Potter, I am the clay.
Mold me and make me after Thy will,
While I am waiting, yielded and still.

I literally had to use this song for today. While doing my morning prayer of thanksgiving, I just started singing the song “Have Thine Own Way” out of the blue.  So I decided to to use it as my focus.


Wow! What a day! I got the news of the week.  Apparently, a close acquaintance of mine wants something that belongs to be. She wants or wanted to take a mentee away from me and I found out. I was hurt because I like the young lady. She’s fun and has a great personality.

Why is it that I expect the best from persons? Now, I have to pretend that I don’t know what she tried to do. Do you want to know the worse thing? A friend of mine betrayed my trust some weeks ago and I was devastated. Now add this to it, I almost lost faith in people.

I thank God for sending me a friend who I could pour out into and who reminded me to give it to God.

That’s what I did.  I gave it to God. Normally, I would have wanted to sort these things out myself and think about the quickest way to reach my decided end result. But I’m letting God sort it out.

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Day 14: Recap of Previous Days

September 7, 2015

Focus: Recap of Previous Days

What can I say about the past few days? It has been an educational crash-course in consecration and being used by God.

I have seen some things about myself being revealed and I am learning how to change how certain factors affect me.


  • Honestly, writing the daily reflection is a challenge as some days I don’t feel like doing it and one or day it has slipped my mind but I always catch up, thank God!
  • For a few days, I wonder what my focus should be but thanks be to God, they always line up to the events of the day. I need to depend more on God for the focuses.
  • Changing from my sinful pattern to a righteous one is indeed challenging. However, I will continue as Paul said and I will press towards the mark of the prize of a higher calling.
  • Dealing with the attacks, is a challenge also. When satan uses the people in my life to deliver the blows….it takes a lot of spiritual energy to resist feelings of resentment and hate. However, remember when Jesus rebuked the devil in Peter in Matthew 15? It’s as a result of this that I know that persons close to us may be used by satan and we should not hate them when this happens. We should do what Jesus did: rebuke the devil, and continue loving the individual. Easier said than done…..but it’s still possible to do.

So these challenges are now my goals.

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Day 13: The Quickening Spirit

September 6, 2015

Focus: The Quickening Spirit

1 Corinthians 15: 45 “And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.”

This Spirit gives life.  He restores, renews, and even refreshes.


I had a lovely service at church today. The worship was awesome, the devotion was lovely, and the message from the preacher was simply inspirational. The speaker’s topic was, “Accept the Invitation: Stick to the Dress Code”. In a synopsis, the message was saying that once we have committed our life to God then we need to wear the garment of righteousness, and continuously check that it is spotless.

As a result of an angry outburst I had at something a friend said, I felt detached from God. I just felt disjointed. I apologised to the friend and to God but I still felt slightly disconnected.  I was reading my devotional and I read something about Jesus being the last Adam, the quickening Spirit. I thought about what this meant for a few minutes and I realised it is saying that Jesus will quicken (raise from the dead/ give life to the dead, and restore and heal any dying areas).

This Quickening Spirit reconnected that part of me that was feeling disconnected.  This Quickening Spirit, Jesus, is alive and His power is still effective.

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Day 12: Rest Day

September 5, 2015

Focus: Rest Day

I call this a rest day because sometimes, we all just need to do nothing. I’m not talking idling. I just mean that after having a busy week, and feeling tired and drained, one should just relax.


This was a good day. I got to relax and regain some much needed physical strength; and I was able to feel somewhat free. I did use the day to think about why I am doing this consecration and I remember, it is to give God my attention and my all. He deserves a faithful servant. So as I try to focus on Him, I have to laugh at the many ways I see satan attacking me. I don’t laugh because I’m boasting about myself as I know that without God, I am powerless against his attacks. I laugh because I never realised that I was so important to satan, that he would take the time out to distract me and try to get me to give up. It’s unbelievable. Now I know that I am a Warrior and a lethal weapon for God to use to fight against the plans of the enemy.

The struggles are coming from everywhere, even from persons I thought should be helping me. It’s coming from the music I involuntary hear, things I see, and even my thoughts. However, a good friend told me to “expect anything” from anyone. This friend also advised me to never set a deadline when doing such things for God as the enemy will know and do everything in his power to try to stop it and also that instead of focusing and learning, I may start looking forward to when the time will end. Lol, it’s a bit too late for me since I already posted my deadline, but I can only offer this advise to my readers: propose a week, then at the end of the week you can extend it to one more week. That way, the enemy won’t have a clue if you have stopped or will continue. In order to ensure that you don’t lose focus and start watching for the deadline to come, do a daily reflection like this one.

This reflection will help you to stay focus, and help you to track your growth daily. It will also open up your eyes to fluctuations and help you to decide on the way forward. If you document your mistakes, it will be annoying to yourself to see the same mistakes being repeated constantly, and push you to make the necessary changes (this has been my experience). Moreover, an added benefit is that when I read over my reflections, I am blessed and see a difference between the who I was at that point and the who I am now.

What a rest day!! Quite informative.

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Day 11: If You Can Use Anything Lord…….Use Me

September 4, 2015

Focus: If You Can Use Anything Lord…….Use Me

“Here I am, Lord. I am Yours; do with me as You please.”

“I hope I like what You choose, Lord, but if I don’t, Your will be done and not mine.”
~ Retrieved from Joyce Meyer Ministries’ Promises for Daily Living

Prayer: Righteous and loving Father, I bless your name for this experience and what it has shown me so far. I pray Philippians 2: 12-13 and 15, that I will work out (cultivate, carry out to the goal, and fully complete) my own salvation with reverence and awe and trembling (with self-distrust, with serious caution, tenderness of conscience, watchfulness against temptation, and timidly shrinking from whatever might offend You and discredit the name of Christ). I know that this will not be done of my own strength for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in me [energizing and creating in me the power and desire], both to will and to work for Your good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.

Help me to show myself to be blameless and guileless, innocent and uncontaminated, a child of God without blemish (faultless, unrebukable) in the midst of a crooked and wicked generation [spiritually perverted and perverse], among whom I will be seen as a bright light (a star or beacon shining out clearly) in the [dark] world. This is my plea, in Jesus’ name, amen.


I love those verses because they exemplify what a vessel must look like from the inside out. A child of God should seek to be blameless, pure, and faultless on the inside, which will cause the vessel to shine from the inside out. Please listen this song, “I Surrender” by Hillsong. To me, the song is saying to God that if You can use anything, please use me as I stand before You, surrendering my all.

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Day 10: The Hand of the Lord is Upon Me

September 3, 2015

Focus: The Hand of the Lord is Upon Me

Isaiah 41: 20 “That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the Lord hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it.”

Reflection: As I see God using me more during this period, I stand in awe of Him. His hand is always there, ready to guide us, once we avail ourselves. Proverb 3:6, “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.”

The hand of the Lord is upon me to do whatsoever He pleases. While He is working in my heart and moulding me into who He wants me to be, He is working through me to minister to others in different ways. Basically, God doesn’t wait for a perfect behaviour to use you, He waits for a surrendered heart.

While He is working within and through me, I have to deal with the challenge of temptation and trying to resist. I am learning to stand up more for me and not participate in acts that I really and truly don’t think is appropriate for me to engage in. It is not easy to do this because even though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. I find myself struggling internally because even though I don’t like what I did, a part of me wanted to do it anyway. However, the hand of the Lord is upon me and He will help me to navigate my way out of the flesh and submitting to it.

He will lead me to the path of righteousness.

I end the day’s reflection with my quote:

God doesn’t wait for a perfect behaviour to use you,
He waits for a surrendered heart.” ~Krystelle Scott

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Day 9: He Understands Our Aches and Pains

September 2, 2015

Focus: Song ~ He understands every little bit of heartache and pain

The song is by the Grace Thrillers, I however cannot find it online.  The lyrics, that I remember, are as follows:

He understands every little bit of heartache and pain
Every time I call on His name, every time I cry, He knows the reason.
Why should He love me so?

I woke up singing that song. God does understand everything we feel and experience. He understands our weaknesses, strengths, our desires, and our thoughts. However, I must not use His understanding as an excuse to remain as we are. We shouldn’t say, “God understands that this is my weakness, so let me give into it.”. His understanding my weaknesses is the very reason He put in His Word that I should “Resist the devil” (James). Resist my weakness.

God used me during this time: I was engaged in a 1 hour session dedicated to God. During this hour, I read, prayed, and worshiped for 20 minutes each. I felt lead to share a particular scripture with a group of people with whom I’m associated. While I was meditating on and praying about the scripture, I received a vision and the understanding of it as well. I typed up the information and had it all day, telling myself that I would send it eventually but yet wondering if it was God who was leading me to say it or myself.

The point is: He (God) understands our desire to not want to do things of self but that shouldn’t stop us from doing things for Him. I eventually sent the message I was led to share. The point is, If we think it’s of self, pray about it and say/do what is placed on our hearts giving ALL credit to God and leaving room for correction as we may be wrong. God understands but His understanding shouldn’t be our excuse for standing still.

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Day 8: Repentance – Removing the Rubbish

September 1, 2015

Focus: Repentance ~ Removing the Rubbish

The night before today, I had failed to keep up my standards set for this consecration. So today, I focus on repentance and removing the rubbish.

If I have garbage in my home and I clean the house, but refuse to empty the bin, no matter what I do, the place will still smell unpleasant. It’s the same with my Christian life, if I repent but still refuse to change my actions, I’ll continue committing the same sins, over and over.

Reflection: Repentance, in my definition, means to go beyond apologising and asking for forgiveness. It also includes making a conscious effort not to do the same thing again, and identifying where I went wrong so as to assess what I will need to do next time around.

Repenting should not leave me still feeling guilty because in 1 John 1:19, the Word promises that if we confess our sins then God is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Repenting should, instead, leave me determined to be transformed. I will be honest, after repenting and spending the day thinking about the steps I will take when the situation comes again, I felt happier and lighter. I felt redeemed.

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Day 7: For He Alone is Worthy

August 31, 2015

Focus: For He Alone is Worthy

Reflection: God deserves all the praise, glory AND attention. I have to be honest, I failed to do this today. I disregarded his worthiness. Instead, I heeded to temptation by allowing myself to be drawn away by my lusting. I did the one thing that I wanted to minimise during the 16 days of consecration; I allowed myself to be drawn into a conversation filled with lusting and even focused on the thoughts while they swam around in my head. The point of this is to say, when we set out to do something for God, the devil will use persons or situations to stop us from completing our plans. It is important that we can reflect and evaluate what we have done and compare it to what we wanted to do and re-strategise accordingly, repenting when necessary.

My aim hasn’t changed as I will continue to work towards it. The limitations I listed will not be adjusted as I will ensure I work within the limits I placed for myself. God deserves the glory. He is worthy. I should meet Him where He is and not expect Him to meet me in my sinful state by saying that, “He understands.”

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Day 6: Worship Him

August 30, 2015

Focus: Worship Him

Psalm 34: 3-4 “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.  I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” 

Reflection: I woke on Sunday morning, worried about a particular situation. I was experiencing some inner conflict. The situation was that a friend and I had a major disagreement. I was worried that it would make a negative spiritual impact on us. So I remained in bed and prayed about it. I told God that I did not want it to in any affect the work I was doing for Him. I told Him that I didn’t want anyone to think that I had hidden feelings of hate/anger. So I did my devotion from Promises for Daily Living – Joyce Meyer Ministries, Day 103: Learn to Take Life As It Comes. This reminded me that what I was worrying about was out of my control, that there was nothing I could do about it. Instead, it encouraged me to focus on what I could do. After reading this, a member from a Whatsapp group I am in, post a few verses from Psalm 34.

Psalm 34: 3-4 
"O magnify the Lord with me, 
and let us exalt his name together.  
I sought the Lord, and he heard me, 
and delivered me from all my fears." 

I read it and thanked God, because I believed that He was speaking to me through that verse. When I went to church, much more relaxed, that same scripture was cited during praise and worship and then the song version of it was sung. Oh, how my heart was blessed!!! God was speaking to me through a method called Repetition where He reminds a person through various means of a particular Word. The church service was a confirmation that Psalm 34: 3-4 was for me. “Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name forever. I SOUGHT the Lord, and He HEARD my plea and DELIVERED me from all my fears!!!!!

As a result of this and every other thing He has done for me, I will worship Him.

I will worship Him, not just in song but with my life. He deserves to be praise because His love is extraordinary. What kind of God responds immediately when His people put their worries before Him?? Answer: The King of kings, who deserves all our worship.

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Day 5: Search Me

August 29, 2015

Focus: Search Me

Results of a self-examination:

  • I will be more determined
  • I will be less aggressive and feisty
  • I won’t answer people when they tease me, and
  • I’ll try not to respond harshly to foolish questions or statements.

Reflection: The psalm/song says, “search me, oh Lord, and now my thoughts. See if there be some wicked way in me, cleanse me from every sin, and set me free.” The idea is not for God to only seek and remove the sins in me, but to show me the behaviours that result in me either seeking forgiveness from Him or from someone I hurt. After being shown these behaviours that do not please Him, I need to work on replacing them with the opposite version from fruit of the Spirit.

Consecration means to set apart something to be used by God. God will use vessels that are filled with other things (sin, bad behaviour, rebellion -Jonah, the children of Israel) but He prefers vessels that are empty and clean (David, Abraham). Seek to be used in an empty state rather than in a state filled with self.

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Psalm 139:23

Day 4: Do Not Be Selfish

August 28, 2015

Focus: Do Not Be Selfish

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1. Develop an attitude of gratitude toward the (permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary) people in my life

2. Deny self-pleasure to help someone else during this period of consecration. This time is to try to focus solely on doing the things of God and not things I want to do for myself. E.g. Saturday August 29, I had planned to go to a beach in Ocho Rios in order to relax. However, a few of my mentees indicated that they need to speak with me. Therefore, even though I really would like to go to the beach, my mentees (God’s work for me) comes first.

“Do not be selfish, be selfless for God” ~Klasik

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Day 3: Respect

August 27, 2015


God is the leader and the strength of my life.

1. I need to respect the decisions God has made for my life.  I must stop try too tell Him what I want and don’t want to do.  I need to stop doubting my ability to do the things He has anointed me to do and not think it’s all up to me – I must rely on the strength of God to do the task(s).

2. Respect (stick to) the decisions I make for my life.  I am not consistently determined.  When I make a plan or decision, pray about it, and receive an answer, I need to be persistent.

3. Respect the things of God and the people of God.  Do not judge persons unfairly. “Touch not My anointed ones...” Psalm 105: 15.  This should be applied both physically and verbally (words).  I will try not to judge God’s people harshly.  I must judge them with the same grace and mercy that God has bestowed on my life.

Consecration involves respect.  What is the point in being set apart to be used by God if I can’t respect what He wants me to do and the people I encounter?

Something I learnt: Do not argue or retaliate when persons say what they “think” are my problems.  Just say, “OK”, take it, assess it, and then apply a solution or discord the comment.  There is no need to have a discussion with them to point out why their comment may be wrong because they will always believe that they know me better than I know myself.

I should develop such a relationship with God which allows Him to show me my issues and let Him tell me what I need to do to work on them.

Respect the persons who make comments but I must also respect myself and not let the comments, that do not apply, affect me or my joy and inner peace.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be respectful towards Your plans and not try to force my plans on You.  Help me not to criticise Your people but to lovingly understand that we’re not perfect but all at different levels in our walk with You.  We are all trying to attain the perfection that You have planned for us.  Father, help me not to sit and discuss the faults of others but to look inwardly instead and discuss my faults and see how I can work on them.  These I ask in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

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Day 2: Kill My Flesh

August 26, 2015

Focus: Kill My Flesh, Break My Desires

In my sleep, I was listening to a song. The chorus says, “Kill my flesh, break my desires. Lord, help me thirst after Your righteousness. Kill flesh now. Lord, here I am, I don’t want to be the same. I thank You I’m not that girl again.” (Listen song here) When i woke up, the song was still in my head.

2 Corinthians 5:14, “The love of Christ constrains us because we have judged this, the One died for all, therefore all died.

With this verse, I prayed in this way, “Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me. Thank You for Your deep love for me that caused You to die for me on the cross. Oh Lord, Your love for me constrains me to give my all to You. I give my heart to You. I give my mind, my emotion, and my will to You. Take all of my days. Take my whole future. Here I am. I place everything in Your hands. I love You, Lord Jesus” (Bibles for America).


God helped me to put my flesh under subjection and He made my path straight and clear. Without me saying a word, He allowed things to be revealed to me. What I was reminded of is that no one is perfect and we must not cast aside persons because they failed where we expected them to rise. Kill flesh and break the desire to punish or judge mercilessly.

Also, I learned to depend more on God to lead me. When He says be silent, be silent. When He says that He’ll fix the problem, leave Him to fix it. I had to deny the part of me that wanted to take charge and do things myself.By the end of the day, He came through.

Kill my flesh, break my desires. Let me not do anything outside Your will.

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Day 1 of 16 – The Beginning

16 Days of Consecration

— began on August 25, 2015

Aim of Consecration: To commit myself to be used by God for His purpose.

» Limit idle conversations and behaviours as much as possible
» Do not engage in any lustful talk or focus on the thoughts
» Give every situation to God (casting my cares on Him)
» Do not start a relationship

» Spend more time reading and praying
» Focus on anything God lays on my spirit and instructs me to do


I’ve been committing spiritual adultery. I am married to God but leave Him for men, seeking their love and companionship. I want to be faithful to God. I’ve made this proposal in my heart to forgo relationships. I wanted to do a year, initially, but that’s stretching it as I don’t want to start something I cannot fully commit to. So I dropped it to 3 months, and then to 16 days where I know that full commitment (even though it may be challenging) is possible. The idea came to document each day, ending the day with a reflection. The reason for this documentation is to hopefully encourage others to make such a sacrifice to God. I hope someone will be blessed as this is not to glorify myself but to give God all the glory in this time.

Day 1 – Aug 25, 2015

I started by praying with the Word to consecrate myself.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20: “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price. So then glorify God in your body.”

Using this verse, we can pray something like this: “Lord, I am not my own. Lord Jesus, I belong to You because You bought me with such a price. Oh Lord, thank You for paying the highest price of Your own precious blood to purchase me! I am Yours. All I have and all I am are Yours. So Lord, I give you my body, my soul, and my spirit. I give you my very life. Lord, I give you my time, my energy, my education, my family, my job.” (Bibles for America)