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Resume Writing

Just a few tips on writing the perfect resume. This is important as it is usually the first contact the employer will have with you.

What messages do you want to convey to your prospective employer?

Tip #1:
Always use a template. A template will be structured, offer clarity, and allow the information to flow in a manner that can be easily followed be anyone.

Also, using a template will give an idea that there is some level of professionalism and that you took the time to prepare it. While not using a template can give a “don’t care” attitude to the employer. Moreover, simply typing a resume with Microsoft Word and adding the lines can be a little frustrating so its easier to go with something already prepared.

Resume templates can be found in Microsoft Publisher or via Google using the search term “Resume Templates.”

Tip #2:
Always choose an appropriate font and font size that is easy to read. One can never go wrong with Times New Roman and size 12 font. However, there are other fonts that can be used. You can always experiment but ensure that this is done before sending off the resume.

If your document is hard to read, whether the font is too small or hard to decipher, the employer may not take the time to search for the information. Especially if they have received many applications. Quite frankly, in this day and age, it is a high possibility that an employer will receive more job applications than the amount of position(s) they have to offer. Therefore, do not put yourself at a disadvantage.

Tip #3:
A resume is an introduction to who you are. Do not put everything about your life in it. No information about age, sex, height, likes/dislikes. Just the essential data.

Additionally, mention at a maximum only three educational institutions. Stopping at Secondary Education.
Play on words. Instead of saying as a task “Filing” use “Records management”. And never downplay an experience, whether it be voluntary or not ideal jobs you have worked. Any job done (experience gained) can be used to put your foot in the door for an interview. For example, you used to work in a bar but you are now applying for a position as a Human Resource Manager, you can state that duties included: Management of order and receipt of merchandise, Management of staff, Organisation of staff schedule, Addressing customer needs and issues, and many more.

Tip #4:
After typing a general resume that is suitable for just about any organisation, do not use it to send to all companies. For example, a general resume is ideal in the case that you are mass applying to various companies. However, when applying to a specific agency, tailor your resume to suit the organisation to which you are applying. For example, in you objective, you may write: “To increase the customer care service offered by Fix-It Limited.”

Tip #5: MUST DO
Ask a friend or an employer to proof read your resume and give you constructive feedback.

Thanks for reading, hope it was useful.

Krystelle Scott is a Peer Advisor with the Office of Placement and Career Services and President of the Library and Information Student Society at the University of the West Indies, Mona.