180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 168

Did I ever tell you about my job history? Part 2 (Read Part 1 here)

So, I started working at company 1. I worked as an Assistant Registrar. So I learnt about records management. This is a related but different field from library and information studies, that I pursued at university.

Six months later, I got called for an interview. This interview was for a post for which I didn’t remember applying. 🤐 But I got the job description and I went.

Turns out, the post was a records management post! 😃

My work experience at company 1 helped me to answer most of the questions. AND I was successful and started working there six and a half months after engaging with company 1.

Morale of the story: allow Daddy to tell you what to do. His plans act as a stepping stone to your next level. If I hadn’t gone to company 1, I wouldn’t have know how to answer appropriately for the interview which was scheduled for six months later.

180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 167

Did I ever tell you about my job history? Part 1

I did my finals in May 2015. They were complete by mid-May actually.

Based on the unemployment trend, I was prepared to stay home for many months. So, I made a plan to spend time in prayer and reading the word while I was home. I would read the bible and pray daily since I was home alone.

I stayed home, unemployed, for ONLY two weeks. During those two weeks, I applied to any position for which I was reasonably qualified. By 1 June 2015, I was working on a one month contract to develop a policy for the digitisation of records.

By July 2015, I had two back-to-back interviews. And I told Daddy that he should let the company he wants me to work with be the one to call me first. Well, company 1 called me and offered my the job. Minutes later, company 2 called saying they tried to call me earlier but didn’t get through. They wanted me but for a different position.

Then I started to second guess the first sign and told Daddy that I’d prefer to go with the job that pays more. Well, I found out that company 1, who called first, paid more.

Morale of the story: if you’re unemployed, use most of the time to fast, pray, and read your bible rather than getting depressed because you’re not working. God rewards those who seek his kingdom and righteousness first.

180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 145

As the month is almost over, I’m eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

That reminds me, I need to start planning.

180 Days of Boasting about God goes live on Instagram on July 1. It will be the interview series. You can follow me @purposeful_inspiration.

Right now, I’m boasting about Daddy giving me the opportunity to not only hear of his goodness in the lives of others but to facilitate it so others can hear.

I want to be left in awe by what Daddy is doing for, in, and with his children.