180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 175

I started the “Live” (Insta Live) version of 180 Days of Boasting about God (Click the link to watch on Instagram and be sure to follow me).

Initially, I felt like I’d have been too tired to do the live. Yet, as I logged on, I forgot my tiredness and efforts from the day.

Daddy gave me strength to deliver. I felt physically tired but I found myself being excited.

I was happy to share my experience with God in Day 1 of the live version.

180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 90

I had a beautiful weekend!

I ate and laughed.

I swam and talked.

I walked and went sight seeing.

I worshiped and prayed.

I played games and forgot about the cares of this world.

I am intent on enjoying the time I have on this earth. I will appreciate the beauty of the natural resources and the beauty of fellowship with friends and family.

180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 37

Daddy recently told me that I should end Daily Me. This was the instagram live I did on a daily basis (mostly).

In him instructing me on this, he said, “180 Days of Boasting About God.” I couldn’t believe it, but when I checked my feed, I did approximately 160 videos (not counting the ones I either deleted or was unable to save due to technical problems). Then, I counted the months from August to January and it is 6 months!

180 Days is basically 6 months.

I went live for 180 days and did not even realise it. Neither did I realise that in me teaching, I was also boasting about Daddy! But Daddy was up to something.

There is a new plan in store and I am excited to see it.