180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 163

It’s not always the best feeling when you’re going through a process of change.

It makes you moody, upset, and frustrated. At times depressed.

Yet, you’ll find hope and direction if you look to the end instead of looking at the process. Why? When God is effecting a change, it’s for the best.

I’ve never liked the changing process. However, I like the God who doesn’t change and who always keeps his promises.

I’m coming out of this smelling, looking, sounding, and moving like a new creature.

180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 139

I’ve been reading Genesis again. I realised that I got something wrong in my timeline concerning Jacob and his marriage to Rachel.

I always thought he worked 7 additional years before he got to marry her. But upon reading it again, he got to marry her after one week of being married to Leah. And then he worked an additional 7 years as his dowry for her.

This says to me that our minds can mistakenly change what we know. So we may think that we have the full facts but really, something went wrong between receiving the information and processing the information.

And that is why Paul said that now we know in part (1 Cor 13:9). It’s not just that the full mysteries of God aren’t revealed to us. It’s also a case of our minds changing the information we have already received.

What am I boasting about? A God who reminds me that I don’t know everything and I may have altered some fact he has revealed to me. So now it feels like my life is paused and I’m going nowhere fast. But that’s not the reality. Somewhere along the line, I switched around the facts and I’m not using the correct information to reach my conclusion.

Thank you, Daddy 😭 I feel better knowing that you see my error and will show me where I processed it wrongly.

I shall be fine and my life shall continue according to the will of God.

180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 178

There is something I love about God, and it’s the fact that he will come down to my level and speak to me so that I understand what he’s saying.

He will use examples and analogies that I can relate to so that I fully appreciate what he speaks to me.

For example, he spoke to me about restoration using Joel 2:25. In this verse, he used the analogy of worms and locusts eating away all the plants. 

However, for me to appreciate the process and understand what restoration meant, Daddy reminded me of the plants in the verse mentioned. For those plants to grow again, a process is required.  All plants are different, there are those that will spring up like grass and those that will take time like massive cedar trees.  But all of them start from a seed being planted, germinating, springing from the ground, spreading roots, developing the trunk and branches.  It takes time. 

So like the plants, restoration will require you to be patient and go slowly. 

Simple, but now I fully appreciate restoration and realise that it won’t happen overnight. Thanks, Daddy.