180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 95

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by a situation that you just want to cry?

If you have, then you can relate to how I currently feel.

Since Monday, I have been up until around 4am, finishing up one thing or another for work related deadlines. (Work-work, not school work or church work). I don’t mind as I’d simply take back my hours during the day. (Why not use the day and sleep at nights? I am super efficient at nights as compared to days).

Why did I feel overwhelmed? On Thursday, due to malicious misinformation by two of our clients in a meeting, my team felt attacked and demotivated. I normally could call on them to work after hours. Last night, however, I asked for an after hours meeting to discuss a magazine that we are putting together and everyone literally read the message and did not respond.

Well, the magazine’s deadline is tomorrow. I’m hoping to push it to Monday. And I had to sit and start the revision process, by myself. Granted the team had submitted the drafts of their assigned aspects. I used this to prepare the magazine draft, by designing and compiling the info on Monday night. So, I really needed the team’s input and comments to finalise, and hopefully delegate some unfinished areas. No one responded.

I felt disappointed, and slightly hurt as the entire situation was unfortunate.

After a while, I stepped away from the computer. I went into worship, focusing on God and not my emotions. Then I prayed. As I placed the situation before Daddy, I immediately got a strategy that would fix the issue in the long run.

So I went back to work… I won’t lie and say I feel better. Yet, I must admit that I feel more hopeful about the future. I don’t hope in the strategy, but in Daddy who gave the strategy. If he gave it, he will use it to accomplish his purpose.

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